It’s not the journey, it’s the destination

At Red Apple Digital, we specialise in creating thoughtful and effective campaign microsites and brand experiences. If your main website’s your new shop window, then think of a microsite like a little private booth just inside the door. One that can morph and tailor itself around any person who steps inside it.

Got a brief?

Preaching for the conversions

We always aim to create work that works. And chances are, if you’re thinking about a microsite, then you have a tactical campaign with a very specific goal in mind. We can build a bespoke online presence that helps you show more, explain more, personalise more… and of course, sell more. It’s not enough to look beautiful, it has to engage and convert too.

Stand apart from the crowd

Scarcity is one of the main psychological drivers behind advertising. So it makes sense for brands to want to attract customers with limited time offers. A new product or service or initiative are just three of the briefs we’ve designed new standalone microsites to.

Adidas Case Study

Be bold, or be left behind

Sometimes you have one very specific message to convey, and it could get lost on a brand’s main digital destination. Specific campaign microsites can be built quickly, easily updated and optimised on the fly.

If you build it, they will come

Our creative team is made up of specialists in design, UX and creative writing to make sure your campaign lives as a true visual story. And one that’s also entertaining and useful, with its own voice and identity.


Here we used Spotify users’ listening data to give them a fresh perspective on their background.

Ancestry Case study

Hard data, light touch

Robust insight that combines technology with humanity is at the heart of everything we do. We can work with any first- or third-party data to create experiences that are as personalised as possible. In this case, we even combined data from Ticketmaster’s and Spotify’s APIs to create something fully bespoke for every user.