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Prepare For A New Dawn

The challenge

Adidas and Spotify are natural teammates. They share the same energy and attitude, and with the launch of the new Solar Boost trainers on the horizon, Adidas called on us to help them make the most of the Spotify platform. We wanted to make a useful, personalised experience for everyone, and that meant making the most of the platform’s extensive first-party user data. But how could we create something tailored that would use our audience’s music tastes to generate interest in a new product range?

The solution

We knew we had to take the user on a journey and it had to feel unique. So, using audio and digital ads, we drove to a campaign microsite that drew on each user's unique and most recent listening habits to create a completely bespoke training playlist for them. This playlist could also be tailored to reflect the user’s chosen level of activity (Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced) and fit with a series of workout plans created by Adidas with the help of a sports scientist.

We used Spotify’s API to create an energy variable, so that the resulting playlists always included uptempo and motivating music. This spoke to Adidas’ core value of inspiring an active audience that was engaged with its wellbeing. At every stage we wove in product recommendations, including clothes and trainers, which were not only user-specific, but also available to purchase there and then through a shoppable retail link.

The results

The campaign was a huge success and helped build our strong relationship with Adidas, which resulted in several other global campaigns in 2019. We launched similar user experiences for the Parlay shoe, in both the Netherlands and Italy, for Adidas Ultraboost19, and we also recently started work on a microsite for Adidas Boost cushioned technology in the US.

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