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The soundtrack to your DNA

The challenge

Ancestry came to us with two different challenges. They wanted a new way to interact with existing customers, and also to attract new audiences and encourage them to buy an Ancestry DNA kit. A lot of these people were on Spotify and so wanted to hear what we could do with our knowledge of the platform. How could we use listening data to give people a fresh perspective on themselves and their background?

The solution

The first phase of our Ancestry campaign was based on Spotify data. Our strategy was to apply the theme of ancestry and DNA to data sets, and bring that into a musical context. We created a microsite where users could connect and explore their ‘musical DNA’ based on their listening habits. We also gave them some insight behind popular tracks and streaming habits, and highlighted which countries around the world shared their listening habits. Users then had the chance to buy their own DNA kit and continue their voyage of discovery.

Phase two was targeted at those who had already purchased their Ancestry DNA kit and wanted to dig deeper. Armed with their completed results, our audience were invited to visit a microsite to generate a bespoke playlist tailored exactly to their unique family lineage. Both phases expanded beautifully on the Ancestry brand and integrated Spotify’s musical content in a personal and memorable way.

The results

The campaign went viral. Demand was so high that we had to write bespoke scripts during rollout just to handle the high conversion rate. We even got a mention on legendary US TV show, The Daily Show.

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