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All your music needs covered

The challenge

Cover Sauce is a sync-focused music catalogue and music licensing service that offers covers and re-records of well-known songs for advertising campaigns, TV, film and more. Although their libraries were comprehensive, the whole process wasn’t very user-friendly, with clients having to call the office, and the searching done manually through physical drives of music. The Cover Sauce staff needed help, and so did their clients. How could we make it easy and logical for Cover Sauce to quickly respond to audio requests, share their vast library and manage ongoing projects?

The solution

Our first task was to create a working sitemap of all the varied content Cover Sauce needed to house on the platform. It needed to be arranged intuitively to improve user experience, and with so many individual elements, we decided that a top-down flow was the most elegant solution. Every bit of content was stacked in a clear format to maintain the hierarchy of information and help walk users through chronologically. This meant that the most popular actions (searching for tracks and building playlists) were only a few clicks away. This also informed the decision to make the playlist tool a drop-down element, so that browsing was never disrupted by pop-up windows or new page loads.

One of the biggest problems we faced was actually just the practical nature of needing to database thousands of individual tracks on the site. We created our own bulk uploader that automatically generated the audio waveform, set the tracks to ‘live’ and identified errors straight away. This meant no more manual adding when new music was signed and the ability to upload 4,000 tracks in less than an hour.

In their own words

Cover Sauce

A fantastically talented team, with a professionalism and level of expertise second to none, that we needed to deliver our vision. It was such a pleasure working with all involved at Red Apple Creative. It made what was a daunting and unknown journey, exciting and enjoyable. They delivered on all levels and gave us an end result we are delighted and proud of. A great team effort….. Thank you.

Julian Goodkind


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