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London Fashion Week Digital Hub

The Challenge

The COVID-19 pandemic left the British Fashion Council with the challenge of launching London Fashion Week, normally a physical event, as a digital-only event. They needed a solution for designers, buyers and fashion lovers to experience everything that London Fashion Week offers and create a template for the future.

The Solution

Our solution was to create a browser-based platform, giving designers the opportunity to showcase their styles and stories online.

We worked with multiple partners in order to allow LFW to aggregate and curate content from a wide range of sources, including key social platforms that focus on audio and video content.

The background CMS, a totally customised platform, was also a very important part of our solution. It needed to be accessible and flexible enough to cater to the needs of a number of different users, each with different types of content. Given the significance of this part of the project, along with the bespoke nature of the CMS set up, we put together a number of comprehensive training guides catered to the needs of the different teams/team members within the BFC with online training sessions to make sure that anyone who would need to use the CMS was as informed and educated as possible around uploading and managing content, both in the lead up to launch and beyond.

How We Got There

Two words - research and discovery. With a project of this size and scale, it was crucial that we built our project framework around a clearly defined brief. To get us to that point, it was imperative that we conducted the research required to establish our core KPIs, the key business goals and the needs of the project stakeholders.

The core objectives of the R&D phase were to gain insights into the various challenges that the British Fashion Council were facing around a solely ‘digital’ event, to identify the core user groups, develop audience personas and to ensure that the common goals from across each team within the BFC were acknowledged in our project plans.

This key information then enabled us to think about the core functionality, user experience, customised tools and features, alongside our ideas around visuals and styling.

What’s Next

The plan for the platform was always for it to grow and evolve over time, taking learnings from past events and continuously looking at ways to optimise the user experience and performance.

Over the course of building the MVP, a number of interesting optimisations and future developments were discussed and documented and will be used to shape the next iteration of the platform, alongside our own thoughts and opinions around how we can make the platform the best it can be.



27,000 sessions on the first day of events

50,000 unique visitors to the site over the course of the weekend

147,000 page views during the event weekend

2.40 minutes average dwell time spent by visitors over the event weekend


The Telegraph
Evening Standard

In their own words

British Fashion Council

“It was an exciting challenge to create a digital destination for London Fashion Week, that enabled the designers and partners to showcase their work to a global audience of the fashion industry and consumers. It needed to be flexible, integrating multiple platforms and allowing brands to tell the stories and show the collections that are relevant to their business at any time. We chose to work with a new company so that we had a fresh approach - and the Red Apple Digital team helped us define what we needed and build something that can develop over time. The two month timeline from vision to delivery was ambitious but with strict deadlines, efficient working sessions and good communication we launched londonfashionweek.co.uk successfully with over 58,000 people tuning in over the first 5 days. The Red Apple team are great, very collaborative and receptive to ideas. I am looking forward to working with them to develop the platform further over the coming months.”

Clara Mercer

Communications Director

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