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The challenge

We helped Spotify successfully pitch to Mediacom and start work on the Sky account. The first task was to create a microsite that would advertise the breadth of the TV shows available in Sky’s entertainment package. Sky wanted to reach new, engaged audiences through the Spotify platform and direct them to big blockbuster shows like Chernobyl, Riviera and the final season of Game of Thrones. We wanted to target potential customers who didn’t know about the shows, were lacking in time, hadn’t subscribed to a service or were considering a new subscription platform.

It was the opportunity to leverage Spotify’s first-party data that attracted Sky in the first place, but how could we make every experience personally relevant to every user?

The solution

We advised Sky how best to use streaming and listening data to engage their target audience segments, then started a research project to align genres of music to tier one shows from Sky’s portfolio. We matched these genre-based results with user listening habits (specifically their last 50 streamed tracks) to create an intelligent and tailored digital experience.

When users landed on the site they could generate their own personalised Sky TV guide and a custom playlist to go with it. This not only introduced users to new TV shows, but it also encouraged them to listen to their bespoke playlist to get them in the mood for their new box-set obsession.

The results

The campaign allowed Sky to access a fresh market and promote their wide range of shows to engaged fans who were keen to discover new content, personalised around their tastes. Many simply weren’t aware of the sheer breadth of quality shows available and were encouraged to purchase a Sky TV package as a result.

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