The Core is a new Red Apple Digital podcast series created to help media planners, creatives and marketers discover what’s possible when advertising becomes truly platform-native. We speak to the experts and get tips on how to target and engage audiences in fresh ways to make everything more personal.

Each episode, we hear from the platforms and the publishers about how to make the best use of their offering, and also discuss the benefits, innovations and future plans that make it an essential destination for brands.

This is about using data and technology to shape the future of advertising the way we want it. For humans, by humans.

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Date: 28/01/2020

Preview: Introducing The Core

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Introducing The Core. A new Red Apple Digital podcast packed with tips and insight from platform experts to help you create the best campaigns of your career. Learn all about native advertising, the possibilities of personalisation with data targeting, future innovations and loads more useful stuff... Plus hear some examples of some truly inspiring work.

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