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What we do

We put the pieces together

In the shifting landscape of online advertising, we work with everyone involved to get the best results for all parties.

We help agencies, brands and platforms make the most of their media spend on campaigns by conducting honest research, working with them to bring great ideas to life, and execute them with the speed and efficiency required to launch on time and on budget.

Combining our technical expertise of what's possible with our wild creativity, we know how to get the most out of ideas, media platforms and the unique capabilities available to us today.

Our Approach


Our work is formed from these three phases to ensure that we have as much clarity as possible. We always focus on discovery at the start but we don't stop investigating once we start creating. We always seek to learn and improve things as we go, so we can get the most effective outcome.


  • Digital forecasting
  • Creative consultancy
  • Brand Research / Understanding
  • Legal compliance consultancy
  • Research and Development
  • Reverse brief writing
  • User Research
  • Delivery timeline


  • Branded journeys
  • Content architecture - Site maps
  • Data visualisation
  • UI Design
  • Interaction design
  • Wireframes
  • UX
  • Motion design


  • Working prototypes
  • Production management
  • Microsite production
  • Product development
  • 3rd. party management
  • API integration
  • Back end development
  • Front end development
  • QA - quality assurance
  • Hosting

Who we do it for

For Brands

For Brands

Are you looking to launch a new brand campaign?

Whether you have a creative idea or not, we can work with you or your agencies to harness the media platforms you need for it to be successful and reach your audience.

We’ll ensure your investment in media and production is spent efficiently to maximise your results.

For Agencies

For Agencies

If you’re working on a campaign or a pitch but require additional creative or technical input to bring it to life, then we are the partner you’re looking for.

We’ll ensure you get the most out of the media platforms and your budget because of our knowledge and relationships with them and creating something unique.

For Platforms

For Platforms

We help you engage and sell your platform to brands by providing you bespoke creative ideas you can pitch.

Our deep technical knowledge of media platforms coupled with our creative skills ensures we understand your limitations and what is possible; so that we can be your perfect production partner.

In their own words

Cover Sauce

A fantastically talented team, with a professionalism and level of expertise second to none, that we needed to deliver our vision. It was such a pleasure working with all involved at Red Apple Creative. It made what was a daunting and unknown journey, exciting and enjoyable. They delivered on all levels and gave us an end result we are delighted and proud of. A great team effort….. Thank you.

Julian Goodkind


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